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Meet Our Pastors

Bishop Douglas White has lived with a passion to preach the gospel to his city. His premiere calling in life is to be the husband of Pamela, father of three (Benjamin, Nathaniel and Bethany) and ‘Grandbuddy’ to three amazing grandchildren (Bentley, Lincoln & Kynnedi).


As it pertains to his ministry, Bishop White lives with two burning desires that seem to stand out above all others. First, he is driven to preach, teach and help grow an Apostolic church in Silsbee, Texas. Secondly, among the many other roles that he fills, Bishop White is a passionate Pastor, an Evangelist, a camp meeting speaker as well as serving as ‘Bishop’ and mentor to presently over 35 ministries spread out around the country that look

to his leadership.

Benjamin White and his wife, Kristi, have been a tremendous blessing in their role as Pastor of Abundant Life. As lifelong residents of Silsbee,  they have a passion to preach the gospel to their city. Not only is he a passionate Pastor, but he has devoted his life to being strong, stable husband to his wife and a father to their son, Bentley.


His leadership is a proven anchor for the congregation of Abundant Life and his faithful leadership have merited him the respect of not only a church congregation, the entire community and the United Pentecostal Church.


The future of Abundant Life is bright because of God’s placement of this incredible couple and strong Apostolic ministry to lead us.




Sundays at Abundant Life are power-filled and spirit led. Services are at 11:30 AM. On the fourth Sunday of each month & revival services, we will also include a 6 PM service. 



Tuesday nights are services that emphasize teaching and growth among our saints. Services begin at 7 PM



Abundant Life believes in the future of our church. LIFEkids (ages 4 to 11 years) begins at 11 AM on Sunday Mornings. Youth Services (ages 12-23) and LIFEkids Classes (ages 4-11) are Tuesday Nights during our Adult Bible Study at 7 PM. Nursery is available at each service.

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